Conversion Optimization: More sales, same effort

Some landing pages get thousands of clicks a day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re performing as well as they could. What matters is not so much whether people visit, as how long they stay – and that’s a decision made in a matter of moments. Conversion optimisation makes it easier, turning the first few seconds into a powerful sales opportunity.

One of the primary goals of any commercial website is to convert visitors into customers. The structure of the landing page must be optimised to ensure that the site meets visitors’ expectations, and that their visit isn’t just a fleeting one
We can optimise your landing page to improve its conversion rate and increase your sales. We use website, multivariate and A/B testing to analyse real visitors’ responses to your site, and intelligent website optimisers to achieve lasting increases in conversions, sometimes into double figures, and turn the same traffic volumes into significantly more customers.

If your site is to achieve its maximum potential, however, conversion optimisation is not enough. You should adopt a holistic approach, combining landing page and search engine optimisation, search engine advertising, social media marketing and display ads to increase traffic. That’s what Almundia performance marketing is all about – and if you’d like to talk to us, we’d be happy to tell you more.


  • Comprehensive multivariate and A/B testing of websites
  • Intelligent landing page optimisation
  • Adaptation of buttons, links and all other navigation components
  • KPI interfaces to display advertising and online web analytics
  • Optimisation of online shops, and registration
  • Enables you to improve your landing pages in line with user expectations
  • Long-term conversion optimisation
  • Same traffic, significantly more customers
  • Conversion increases, often to double figures
  • Effectively wins buyers, readers and participants