Display Advertising

We consider display advertising to be a natural extension of paid search and other online media. A growing but not always profitable channel over the years, display advertising offers increasing degrees of control.

At one time, the main benefit of display advertising was considered to be reach. Today, many pundits continue to contend that it is best suited to branding. That can be a real advantage for a company looking to gain mindshare, but this doesn’t exempt the ad strategy from accountability. We’re also fond of bargain-hunting.

Bottom line? Various forms of display advertising — especially behavioral targeting (like remarketing and interest categories) — act as great complements to search advertising and social media visibility.

Typically, our services for planning and optimizing display campaigns for performance objectives. Ask us for more details and we’ll be happy to explore your objectives in further detail.

Typical display advertising channels include:

The Google Display Network
Various networks and exchanges
Specific publishers and niche opportunities