Social Media Advertising

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. YouTube. LinkedIn. The list grows daily. If there’s a social network out there, your participants are likely on it.

What many brands don’t realize is that the most important social community connections are the ones that participants build with their peers. Why? Because each person’s “network” represents an opportunity for amplification of successful participation strategies. We understand these nuanced relationship dynamics, and our social media marketing services will find your participants, engage them and enhance the brand experience they enjoy on their own –and share that within their networks.


We link social media tactics and investments to your branding and business objectives. Our social advertising campaigns can and do drive sales and leads, which matter to most brands today. We also measure participation, which impacts brand metrics such as awareness, intent, advocacy and preference. Our ability to hyper-segment and amplify around the world helps us create integrated programs that improve page engagement, participant understanding, channel visibility and social traffic.